All to make is a workshop initiated by two curious searchers who want to share explorations around the web with other inquisitive minds. By learning and understanding the structures that lie behind sleek surfaces, we want to question and subvert the way the web communicates with us in a critical and playful way. We will start by understanding the basic structures of the web (some knowledgable minds will explain HTML/CSS, Responsive Web Design, and Javascript to us). The participants are free to apply these newly gained possibilities by using the surface of our website as a white canvas to give form to their explorations, questions, actions, reactions and gestures. We interact with the web countless hours of our time. We know its language, its signals, its symbols. To a certain degree, its structure guides our thinking. But it is an open medium; a tool that can be learned, formed and opened up. A website does not need to look like a newspaper, it is its own space with its own properties, it develops its own dimensionality, fluid and reflective. With simple web-based interventions, we will examine its nature and try out new visualities. Discussions will be fed by lectures on relevant topics.

From 05. to 09. August Giesserstrasse 75 04229 Leipzig