DAY 1: 1/2 [11am-1pm]: HTML/ CSS [Mario Helbing & Philipp Acsany will explain the basic structure of HTML and CSS and demonstrate the interplay between both. Examples of basic web-pages will serve to explain container-thinking.]


2/2 [2pm-6pm]: Try-outs, Thinking, Discussions, Questions. Web-Surfaces [Lecture by Nadine Patzig]
DAY 2: 1/2 [11am-1pm]: Javascript [Mario Helbing & Philipp Acsany will talk about the basics of Javascript and its role in coding. Our questions will slowly lead over to Processing and its position among other programming languages.]


2/2 [2pm-6pm]: Processing [Susanne Vetter shows some examples] Experiments, Try-outs [], Thinking, Discussions, Questions.


DAY 3: 1/2 [11am-1pm]: Responsive [Mario Helbing & Philipp Acsany will demonstrate the challenges of designing for the web and address surface dynamics and issues of control loss.]


2/2 [2pm-6pm]: Try-outs, Thinking, Discussions, Questions. Meeting to further the development of the workshop.
DAY 4 1/2 [11am–4pm]: Open work time. Support from Philipp for realization of ideas.


2/2 [6pm–7pm]: Flat vs. skeuomorphic design. Presentation by Nadine Patzig.
DAY 5 1/2 [11am–1pm]: Open work time.


2/2 [1pm–6pm]: Open work time. Presentations of the work and reflections. Sharing of inspiration & Good Byes

From 05. to 09. August Giesserstrasse 75 04229 Leipzig